Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well, the kids are in Gettysburg with Grandmom for a few days. I know I'm supposed to enjoy this time of peace and quiet but well, I miss them. I especially miss seeing them when I get home from work - they both run to the car shouting 'I'm the first one to see you!".

But I did get to have dinner with a long lost friend yesterday and another tonight. And I've started organizing all my craft ideas. I have tons of projects I think the kids would enjoy or could make for Christmas presents and they've been in a big box. So I sorted them into categories and put them in folders. I'm thinking a 3-ring binder might work best for storage. I've got so many projects I could write my own craft book!

I did find one project we need to start working on soon b/c Christmas will be here before you know it. It's an Advent/Countdown to Christmas project. I've found several ideas for counting down that I liked but the one we will create uses an over the door shoe bag - it's perfect with the 24 pockets. The kids can make the numbers 1-24 to go on the pockets and then I'll fill each pocket with a small trinket/candy.

Another idea I came across was to read a book each day during the 24 days and do a related craft. I'm not sure we would get to a craft each day but I definitely like the idea of a new book each evening.

Speaking of books, I'm looking for some new books for the kids. We have tons of books at our house and the kids, especially Isabel, love to read (Yeah!!). Any suggestions for books your kids enjoy??

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