Sunday, August 23, 2009


Wonder what this is...I'll tell you soon!
Isabel and Nick had their very best friends Casey and Emma spend the night. What an adventure. We started the evening by making their names out of clay which was then baked:

Here they are all baked - now they need to cool so it's time to build a tent:

Well, then they wanted to play Twister, so down came the tent and out came the game. Lots of laughs and giggles ensued:

Then pillow fights and more laughs:

Nick crashed around 10 pm but the girls were going strong. At 1 AM I made the executive decision to declare it bed time! Even with the lights out chatter continued for another 20-30 minutes.
We started the next morning bright and early at about 7AM. Apparently Emma had a bloody nose, so she woke Casey. Well, Casey felt that she needed to wake Isabel and then of course, I needed to be awaken. They tried to wake Nick but he was having none of it and continued to sleep until about 9.

They played til Nick got up and then Santi made pancakes. Then it was outside to paint the clay letters they made the night before.
The finished names:
Some swimming fun:

So then I made the mistake of leaving the kids alone with Daddy. I ran to pick up pizza and returned home to find this:

Seems they asked Daddy if they could paint the swingset and he answered, "Sure." So they did!


  1. What did you make the clay out of? Was it the flour/salt/water recipe?

  2. Sure was. Baked for an hour but they still seemed soft. Perhaps it was too humid. I'm hoping to get them mounted on wood so they can be hung.