Friday, August 7, 2009

Dutch Wonderland with Friends

Last weekend we took our annual trip to Dutch Wonderland with friends. The kids had a fabulous time despite the rain. The day started great - hot and sunny - so we hit the water park. And, for the first time both kids enjoyed the area where you get super wet. Plus Nick and Isabel, after some persuasion, took a ride on the big slide. Nick loved it and went again. Isabel, not so much - one ride was enough.

After the water park we treked over to the rides. Isabel and Casey were able to ride the antique cars by themselves - and did they ride. Over and over again. Even when the rain came they kept getting back in line, taking turns driving. God help us when they really do learn to drive! Nick's favorite ride was, of course, the roller coaster. I think he rode it 10 times! I couldn't get Isabel on it once even with a bribe of $20!

The day ended with face painting and games! A great day with great friends!

Isabel & Casey enjoy a shower!

Isabel's trip down the big slide - she's in the middle of Kim & Casey - really!

Nick's first trip down the slide with Daddy - he loved it!

Our ride on the monorail
Nick & Emma on the frog hopper

Nick & Daddy on the roller coaster.
Nick, Casey, Emma & Isabel

Face Painting

Best friends.


  1. We had a great time too! Thanks for suggesting it! (Love the picture you got of Casey and Isabel getting water splashed on their heads!)

  2. Also love the "best friends" shot! What cuties we have!