Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Florida Bound!

After much thought, prayer and discussion we made the decision to relocate to Florida. Wow, what a relief to have this decision finally made. We have been in limbo for months, waiting to find out first the location - FL v VA, then if they would offer Santi a job in the new location.

The kids are excited (as much as they can be). We are trying to downplay the move so that Isabel stays focused on school. But when she asks we tempt her with thoughts of her own in-ground pool, trips to Disney since we will only be 3 hours away and trips to the beach. Nick is oblivious to the move idea except he tells me he will miss the snow so I tell him we can come back to a visit in the winter.

Santi met a few of the Miami Visa office folk yesterday and really enjoyed their company. In return they seemed excited to know he was coming and offered lots of encouragement and help with our move.

So now we are Florida bound. As many know I'm a blogaholic so I've been searching for blogs written by moms who living in the Ft. Lauderdale area as that's where we will be living since Broward County has much better schools than Dade County. Here's hoping I can make some online friends and get some good advice before we arrive.

More to come...