Saturday, November 28, 2009

Have a WHEELY Great Christmas

For the 4th year Isabel has made a wreath for the Carroll Arts Center's Annual Festival of Wreaths. Local individuals, families and businesses make wreaths and donate them to the Festival. They are on display for a week and visitors bid on them to raise money for Carroll Arts Center.

This year Nick wanted to do a wreath as well and since space is limited you are only allowed one wreath per family which meant a compromise for Isabel in working with Nick. The compromise turned out to be the theme since once Isabel got to work on the project Nick didn't really want to participate.

The wreath theme "Have a WHEELY great Christmas" was all about cars and trucks. Isabel came up with the idea of using a tire as the wreath and then glued lots of cars around the outside. The cars were donated by Nick from his massive collection - although he was very very selective about which cars she could use. You'd think he had to give up half his collection but he's got easily over 100 cars so the 15 or so she took will not be missed. In the center was a wood plaque with the word WHEELY - the plaque was painted black and has a yellow line down the middle to resemble a road. Then she took a truck, painted the wheels with white paint and made treadmarks on the 'road' going one way and used a motorcycle for the other side.

The finished wreath:

Last year she did a wreath themed on the book There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. The wreath was the belly and she put all the animals from the book around the wreath. Then she made a head - guess who's face she used - to resemble an old lady and photocopied her hands! The wreath came with a copy of the book.

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