Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving. Isabel and I started today by volunteering at Shepherd's Staff with grandmom and many other volunteers. Shepherd's Staff coordinates Thanksgiving dinner for those in need serving close to 300 meals. We arrived at 9 am and were immediately put to work. Isabel stuffed take home bags filled with fruit, cookies and other goodies. I cut pie (and there were about 50 pies to cut, plate and cover). We filled containers with applesauce and cranberry sauce - these will be put with the 'to go' meals that are delivered to shut ins. Then we put rolls and butter on plates. Finally the guests arrived and Isabel was at the head of the line handing out plates and smiles. She worked tirelessly and never asked for a break.

In addition to volunteering she donated over 30 stuffed animals and handed them out to kids who came to the dinner.

It was a wonderful experience for us both and I'm thankful she was so willing to serve. She even told Debbie (the lady in charge) she wanted to come back next year.

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