Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

The costumes this year were buy one, make one. Right after Walmart put the costumes out Nick spied Wolverine and just had to have it. He was disappointed that the costume didn't come with the claws but we painted popsicle sticks gray, added glitter and glued them to some gloves and voila - claws!

Isabel on the other hand started out wanting to be a seahorse, then a dolphin and finally settled on an octopus. We purchased a black sweatshirt and some black tights. Stuffed them, hot glued them and added purple circles from a bath mat, some white puffs for eyes and voila - an octopus!

On Halloween Isabel and Nick carved their pumpkins:

Then we headed out for some trick or treating! By the time we got home their pumpkin buckets were filled to the brim.

As for the Halloween Fairy - she did NOT visit. Isabel changed her mind about 10 minutes into trick or treating.

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