Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas begins...

On Saturday Grandmom took the kids to have breakfast and guess who happened to be there - Santa! Nick shared his list of ONE item - a crane. When we are in the stores he points out tons of things he wants for Christmas but when he sees Santa (this was the second time) he only mentions the crane. He saw this crane at Boscov, it's over 2 feet long and costs $60! Of course Santa will have to put it under the tress.

Then it was Isabel's turn and her list is quite lengthy and she feels the need to share every item on it with Santa. Last year she asked tons of questions about Santa and actually came right out and asked if mom and dad were Santa. We danced around the issue with the reply of 'what do you think." This year she hasn't asked any questions about Santa and seems to totally believe. Plus I've got a little something up my sleeve to keep her believing for at least another year!

Saturday evening we rode on the St. Benjamin's float announcing our Live Nativity program. The float was part of the Westminster Electric Light Parade.

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