Thursday, January 28, 2010

Isabel's birthday

It was a SPY PARTY for Isabel and a few friends from school. One of her favorite shows is Phineas and Ferb which features their pet, Perry the Platypus. Now Perry is really a secret agent, Agent P, which was the basis for her party.

We played some spy games:
- Guess Who - the kids had an animal taped to their back and they had to ask yes/no questions to determine which animal
- Footprints - we traced each child's foot and they had to guess who's foot was who's
- Fingerprints - everyone got fingerprinted and divided into teams, they had to put the name with the fingerprints
- What do you remember - the kids stared at a tray of miscellaneous objects for 30 seconds, then they had to list everything on the tray
- Target shooting - using a gun that shoots rubber discs the kids shot at three baskets to score points
- Pin the Hat on Agent P - just like Pin the tail on the donkey
- Find the thimble - with heads down and eyes closed, one child placed a thimble in plain sight, at the go ahead kids searched from their seats to find the thimble
- Pop the bombs - over 60 balloons covered the floor and the kids went crazy

Then it was cake time. This fabulous cake was made by a dear friend:


Then sleepover time!

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