Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Five years have flown by my little man. And wow have you grown. You (and your sister) definitely take after the Green side of the family.

Today I got to spend the morning with you at school and you even let Isabel come along. What a fun day. Chocolate cupcakes for you and your friends.

I remember the day before you were born. We celebrated Isabel's 3rd birthday with me volunteering in her classroom in the morning (Mrs. Slater's class). You weren't due for 2 weeks. After school we headed to Dundalk to pick up Nana and then go to the Rain Forest Cafe for an early dinner. By the time we were done dinner I knew I was in labor. The contractions were slow but steady. We got home and as I was putting Isabel to bed I told her that I probably wouldn't be here in the morning because I was going to have the baby real soon. I labored at home for a long while (much longer than with Isabel - my first trip to the hospital resulted in them telling me I was 1 centimeter and to go home - ugh!). By the time we headed to the hospital it was snowing. Daddy parked in the handicapped spot despite my protests. And to my glory I was at 7 cm! Yeah. I labored a while longer, slept a little and by morning you were ready to come into the world. Two big pushes (again unlike your sister who I pushed out for several hours) and you were here. A beautiful miracle.

You are the most amazing little boy - sensitive and caring, generous and kind. I'm so proud to be your mommy. I love you so very much. Happy #5!

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