Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Isabel

Today she turns 8. Wow - where has the time gone. Seems just yesterday she was wailing loudly (and I mean loudly) when anyone but me held her. Santi and I often remember our trip to Wisconsin to see my brother. Our first night stop was at a hotel in Pittsburgh where Isabel was crying so loudly that the hotel staff came by to see if everything was ok. And in Chicago Santi left Isabel with Brian for a few minutes (although Brian insists he was gone for an hour) while Isabel wailed. She was definitely the queen of wailing. Once we left her with my other brother for a short time (less than an hour) and she cried the whole time.

But now she jumps when a friend calls for her to visit or spend the night. Sometimes I miss the times when she only wanted me but it makes me happy to see her want to spend time with her friends. She's growing up (sigh).

Happy Birthday my beautiful angel! I love you so very much.

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