Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

We surprised the kids with a trip to the Circus last night. What fun! Upon our arrival we had to wait a few minutes inside the parking garage for the doors to open. Nick and Isabel asked if this was 'it' and I said yes. Nick's reply - BORING!

We arrived an hour before the show to take advantage of the pre-show. This allowed us to go down on the circus floor and interact with some of the clowns, try on dress up clothes and even walk the tight rope.
The best part was when the clown asked Santi to come up on stage. The clown had him try to balance a pole on his chin and forehead (which he did for about 3 seconds - impressive), then gave him some sunglasses and finally a red nose. At the end we were laughing as Santi discovered he had a white forehead and chin, black eyes and a red nose!
We had made the splurge for the Celebrity Seats which allowed us front row seats - so close we could almost touch these talented elephants!
The clowns came over throughout the show to interact with us. We got a chance to move to floor seats when the tight rope act came on because the rope was stretched right above our seats. And Isabel made special friends with this cute clown.
It was a great time for all!

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