Monday, December 14, 2009

More Christmas Fun

Well, the Christmas spirit has rocked our house. Last weekend the tree, decorations and lights went up. Nick was a pro at putting on the ornaments and really enjoyed picking out just the right spot for each one. Isabel and Daddy helped too and we had a great time. While we add new ornaments each year my favorites are the ones the kids made or those with photos:
The finished tree:

Uncle B usually takes on the lights and gets on the roof to cover the house but due to work schedule couldn't do it this year so Isabel and I tackeled the job. Since neither of us will get on the roof (plus it was cold when we were doing it) we settled for along the line of the house and outlining the door. Of course, typical - the lights worked before we hung them and then once hung half of them decided not to work. Oh well, it still looks festive.

This weekend we all participated in our Church's Live Nativity. Santi was a Wise Man, Nick and I were angels and Isabel was a shepherd. Bummer I didn't get a photo but I was too busy herding the angels. Saturday's performance was outside but due to the rain we performed inside on Sunday. It really is a wonderful experience. We had a lovely couple who just joined the Church along with their 5 month old son play Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. We had a visit from Bunky, the donkey (who also makes an appearance on Palm Sunday), a calf and a couple of lambs. The animals were the highlight for Nick who informed me next year he is going to be a shepherd so he can be with the animals the whole time.

During the course of the weekend we also made cookies. The kids love making the roll and cut cookies and of course, the decorating of those cookies. Traditional chocolate chips were made as well as Reindeer cookies. Isabel and I made these for her Brownie Christmas party on Tuesday. Turned out cute.

And amid all these activities I think I finished shopping. Now if someone will just take Isabel and Nick for about 5 hours I can do the wrapping!

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