Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cupcake Ornaments & Puzzle Wreaths

Isabel, Nick and friends made these adorable cupcake ornaments.

This craft was found on Super easy to make. You need:
small stryofoam balls
mini cupcake liners
artificial snow
red berries
wire (or twine to make a hanger)
Cover the top 2/3 of the ball with glue then roll in the snow. Girls being girls we then topped with some glitter for sparkle. Hot glue into the cupcake liner. Wrap the wire around the bottom of the berry then stick the berry into the ball. Super cute! (check out Bake It Pretty for more detailed directions - of course).

Nick and Isabel also made these puzzle wreaths for friends. Either cut a cardboard circle and cover with layers of puzzle pieces dipped in glue. Or if you don't want the cardboard circle to show put it under a piece of wax paper to use as a guide. Then lay a layer of puzzle pieces in a circle and begin adding more layers. When finished, add a ribbon, glitter and bow!

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