Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Thursday, June 24 I'm on my way home from work. Coming down 97 at the railroad crossing I stop to let a car turn and movement caught my eye. I turned and looked and there was this little white ball. I turned the car and drove over for a closer look and discovered a small white dog - collar and leash on and the leash was stuck on a tree branch. No tags but there was a torn bag containing a blanket and dog toys along with a note saying 'take me home.' Now, that just broke my heart. He appeared very sweet and mild. He was definitely hesistant and wary of me - backed up as I went towards him. But after a minute he cautiously crept forward and smelled my hand. I think if he hadn't been tethered he'd have run. Anyway after a few minutes of checking me out I guess he decided I was ok. I walked around a little to see if any people were nearby - nothing. So I picked him up and took him home. I posted on numerous sites and called the Carroll County and Howard County shelters but no one's called to report a missing dog.

Isabel named him Dudley and Nick approved. He's a super sweet guy and the kids - especially Nick - adore him. He loves to play, run, chase you and the ball and just have fun. He also loves to cuddle, sit with you on the sofa and be petted. He also found a comfortable place to sleep - in my bed!

He has a best friend in Bella, our neighbor's dog. We try to walk them together to the park where they can run, jump and tackle each other. It's quite fun watching them play.

Dudley appears to be in good health. He wasn't dirty when I found outside of some leaves and grass from where he had been sitting. He's still hesistant of visitors, especially men. Hates loud noises and is petrified of the light from a flash light. We walked him one evening and took the light so we could see to clean up after him and Nick shined the light on Dudley and he took off running, tail down. After we caught him (he hasn't learned the 'COME' command) and leashed him Nick shown the light again on him and again he tried to run off. Curious because the light can't hurt him but perhaps where he came from a light coming in his direction wasn't pleasant. We'll never know.

He's now a permanent addition to our family and we love him. Now Isabel's pushing for a cat. Hmmm, we'll see. Maybe we'll talk to Santa.

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